If You Live Within SFWMD or SWFWMD,

You May Be Eligible For a Watering Variance

The UgMO Wireless Soil Sensor System is the only technology that has been granted eligibility from South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and South West Florida Water Managment District (SWFWMD) for a variance from mandatory restricted day watering rules.

UgMO will take care of all the paperwork and details so that you will be able to legally water any day of the week, whenever your UgMO system determines that your lawn and landscaping needs watering.  The following steps are required by SFWMD and SWFWMD in order for you to be eligible for a variance:

  1. To find out if you qualify and to purchase your UgMO system, click the Buy Now button. Once you have entered your zip code, we will be able to tell you if you qualify.
  2. An Authorized UgMO Irrigation Specialist will then schedule an installation and answer any questions you may have.
  3. On the day of the installation, the UgMO Specialist will bring all the UgMO equipment required to install UgMO on your property. 
  4. Included in the purchase price is a mandatory water audit of your irrigation system.  Your UgMO Specialist will conduct an audit of your irrigation system is to ensure that it is functioning properly. 
  5. Should any repairs to your irrigation system be required, these must be completed prior to installing UgMO. This requirement ensures, for example that you have no leaks or malfunctioning heads which could contribute to wasted water. Once these repairs have been completed, your UgMO system will be installed. 
  6. Your UgMO Specialist will complete the approved SFWMD or SWFWMD Petition for Variance to apply for a variance.  All you have to do is sign the Petition.  
  7. UgMO will send the variance petition to SFWMD or SWFWMD for you.  Within 90 days of receipt of your petition, SFWMD or SWFWMD should approve the variance and UgMO will send a lawn sign with an inspection sticker dated 12 months from the installation.  This sign identifies your property as having a valid variance for local law enforcement so it must be placed in a visible location in the front of the property.*

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I really water any day of the week?

A: Yes!  As long as UgMO has been installed by an Authorized UgMO Irrigation Specialist and UgMO is controlling your irrigation system a variance will allow the system to water when your plants need it.

Q: Why is UgMO eligible for this variance

A: Through extensive field-testing, UgMO has been able to demonstrate to SFWMD and SWFWMD that a property with UgMO installed on its irrigation system will typically use significantly less water if allowed to water any day of the week versus a traditional irrigation system that is restricted to watering two or three days per week.  The result is greater water savings AND a healthier landscape.

Q: How much does an UgMO system cost?

A: The cost of an UgMO system depends on several factors including the size of your property and how many zones there are in your irrigation system.  However, most property owners recover the cost within 6-12 months through lower water bills.

Q; Why is an annual inspection required?

A: SFWMD requires the inspection to ensure that your irrigation system is working properly.   You will be contacted by UgMO within 60 days of your annual renewal date to schedule the inspection.
 Once the inspection is completed and any adjustments or repairs completed, the UgMO Specialist will apply a new 12 month sticker to your variance sign.  An expired inspection sticker will signify an expired variance.

Q: Can I install an UgMO system myself or by my irrigation contractor and be eligible for a variance from SFWMD & SWFWMD.

A: You may be eligible for a variance but you will be responsible for submitting a petition for variance to SFWMD & SWFWMD.  In addition, you will not receive the UgMO variance sign or sticker and your variance will not be listed in the variance database maintained by UgMO for variance enforcement.

Q: Who do I contact if I need help with my system?

A: Your Authorized UgMO Specialist will help you with any questions or issues that arise.  You can also always contact UgMO Customer Service at 877-500-UgMO.

*As long as your system is inspected each year, your variance will remain in effect.  SFWMD reserves the right to suspend the variance during a declared water shortage.

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