The Results

The Results: Saving Water Speaks for Itself

UgMO’s Water Management System Makes Saving Water Simple

In response to the water shortage crisis we all face, UgMO Technologies has perfected wireless soil moisture sensor network technology and is saving millions of gallons of water for customers in some of the most arid areas of the country. Residents, business owners, property managers and public officials are finding that with UgMO, they are saving between 20-50% on their monthly water bills.

The UgMO water management system is a proven, cost effective solution for the intelligent and efficient application of irrigation water that can save between 20-50% of typical water usage while reducing pollution and raising the bar in environmental stewardship. It also provides a framework for many alternative applications in environmental monitoring.

In study after study, UgMO is saving water and money for businesses and homeowners alike. With this proven track record, you can feel good about installing UgMO to conserve water and reduce your spending while maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn and landscaping. See for yourself!

Hammock Creek HOA, Palm City, Florida

A study was conducted to see if UgMO would save more water than 2 day/week watering restrictions. UgMO did in fact save more water, a lot more water! The irrigation systems with unrestricted watering monitored by UgMO saved 45% more water than those systems restricted to 2 day-week watering. See the full results here.

Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona

Keeping the greenery healthy at the entrance to this Phoenix airport was just as important a consideration as was saving water in the dry, arid climate of Arizona. Six weeks after installation, in the driest months of the year, UgMO saved 480,000 gallons of water! See the full results here.

Palm Beach Atlantic University, Palm Beach, Florida

UgMO was installed on approximately one quarter of the campus grounds in a preliminary effort to save the University money, conserve water and to provide research opportunities for students. The partnership between UgMO and PBA has been incredibly successful, with six months worth of savings equating to $20,000 and over 4 million gallons of water. See the full results here.

For more information and to access our white paper, click here.

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