Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will UgMO work with my existing irrigation system and clock?

    UgMO was designed to work with the vast majority of irrigation clocks. It does not, however, work with mechanical clocks or distributor or index valves.

  • What are typical savings with UgMO?

    Typically, users cut their water consumption by between 20-50%. In addition to water and money savings, the agronomic benefits include uniform irrigation, deeper rooting and predictive disease control. Plus, users enjoy more efficient use of labor and healthier, more stable conditions.

  • How deep can the sensor be installed?

    The sensor is usually buried between 1.5-3 inches deep, so the measurements come from the active root zone. Also, if it’s buried more than 4 inches deep, it can strain the wireless signal connection.

  • How do I locate and find a buried sensor if necessary?

    Use the triangulation measurements that were taken during the installation, and/or look for the whisker markers buried next to each sensor.

  • How long do the batteries last in the sensors?

    Up to five years.

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