What is UgMO?

Leading the Way in Soil and Water Conservation

UgMO. The leader in advanced wireless soil moisture monitoring.

Soil and water conservation is what we're all about. UgMO®, which stands for Underground Monitoring, measures soil moisture and temperature at the root level in real time, up to six times an hour, 24 hours a day. The small sensors wirelessly transmit data to the UgMO base station or irrigation controller, and based upon the data, watering is allowed only in those zones that need the water. With UgMO soil moisture monitoring, you will never over or under water again. And your lawn and landscaping will be healthier than ever. 

UgMO is the pioneer in rootzone monitoring and management. Its unique blend of patented sensor technology, underground wireless communication, advanced web applications and agronomy expertise offers state-of-the-art capabilities to irrigation contractors, home owners, golf course superintendents, sport turf managers, landscapers, professional property managers and environmental stewards. UgMO Saves you water, resources and money.

Both automatic and professionally managed solutions

UgMO offers the best of both worlds. Whether you are looking for an irrigation savings solution for your commercial or residential property, UgMO has a system to fit your property and budget.  

The savings with UgMO are measurable

Below are actual water readings from two residential properties in Old Palm, FL. The home with the UgMO system installed averaged a water savings of 30% and $145 monthly savings on the water bill.

To learn more about UgMO and how it might meet your needs, contact us today.

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