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"An UgMO System was installed at the Russell Family residence in Duluth Georgia during January 2012. The results were astounding since irrigation water costs were reduced by 66% during the first 9 months after installation when compared to the same period in 2011. This phenominal rate of return on investment more than paid for the UgMO system during the very first summer." ~ Bill Russell, Russell Landscape Group

“Our water bills have always been high – even in months no one is living in the house, so I know how expensive it is to water my landscaping.  UgMO cut my water bills by 50% and I saved over $1000 in just 6 months.  In this economy and water shortage, installing UgMO is one of the smartest thing I’ve done.” ~ Palm Beach Resident

"The biggest challenge we all have in irrigating our landscape is simple: How much water does our lawn and landscaping need?  The great thing about UgMO is that it does all the thinking for you by measuring the moisture in the ground and telling your sprinkler sytem exactly how much water is needed.  Based on our experience in the Water Wise Program, most folks over-water by 30-50%.  Its sad to think we are wasting that much water.  UgMO is a solid investment for you pocketbook and for future generations." ~ Pat McParland, The Woodlands, Texas

“Wade Prater, owner of Heritage Design, Build & Consulting in Southern California has worked at Villa Azusa Homeowners Association in Azusa, California for many years. In the summer of 2011, Heritage provided a presentation to the board regarding the UgMO sensors. The board approved installing several sensors to test the savings. The savings began almost immediately, and therefore, the board approved installing the sensors throughout the community. The savings have not only been significant in water usage, but the service that they provide monitoring the water usage as been extremely successful. Looking towards the end of this year, the expected overall savings are estimated to be 38% and that is very significant for this Association.”   ~ Nadine Gump, Vice President - Haven Management LLC

"Since installing UgMO, our lawn and landscaping have been consistently healthy, green and lush. With UgMO, we know we are not overwatering and wasting precious water. We use only what our lawn needs, and we've been saving water and money each month!" ~ Linda LeClaire, McKinney, Texas

“Granting a variance for UgMO users in the South Florida area makes environmental and economical sense.   We are dangerously close to running out of water.  UgMO has proven that it saves more water than those under watering restrictions and it keeps my lawn and landscaping healthy. UgMO make sense!” ~ West Palm Beach Resident

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