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Setting Your Irrigation Clock for UgMO:

Ideally, the best irrigation program is one that has available water in the soil for plant uptake for the longest period of time. Lighter, more porous soils like sands saturate quickly but drain just as quickly in many cases. Heavier, less porous soils like clays and organic soils saturate more slowly but also hold on to the water for much longer periods of time. Therefore, no one watering cycle and duration is ideal for all soils. However, two watering cycles a day will always be more efficient for prolonging availability of water than one cycle will.

Ideal Watering Cycles for Use with UgMO:

Determine the typical run times for a given zone for the hottest period of the year. For example, if a zone is typically set to run for 60 minutes during August. UgMO will ensure that the zone is not overwatered during other times of the year.

Program each zone on the irrigation clock for two cycles, 2-6 hours apart by dividing the original one cycle duration in half.

So a 60 minute cycle now becomes two (2) 30 minute cycles 2-6 hours apart.

The chart below has examples of how to adjust your irrigation clock given the original settings for the hottest month of the year.


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