UG1000 FAQs

  • How does the UG1000 controller differ from The PH100?

    The UgMO ProHome PH100 is an interrupter that uses soil moisture sensor data to turn off user scheduled irrigation cycles when the soil has sufficient moisture. UG1000 is not an interrupter; it is a state of the art Intelligent irrigation controller that uses soil moisture sensor data to determine soil type and the correct irrigation runtimes to optimize plant health and water savings. The UG1000 also provides remote monitoring and control functionality along with system alert features.

  • Is the technology hard to use, day to day?

    Not at all. The UG1000 is capable of using the soil sensor to calibrate you soil type and determine irrigation cycle times, so all the user needs to define are the times when they do not wish to irrigate and the UG1000 will do the rest.

  • How is the UG1000 different from other smart controllers on the market?

    The UG1000 uses real time moisture data from the soil root zone to decide when to and how much to water. Other controllers use a formula based on weather conditions, historical data and soil and plant type to make a best guess of what the water needs are.

  • What are typical savings with UG1000?

    Typically, users cut their water consumption by between 20-50%. In addition to water and money savings, the agronomic benefits include uniform irrigation, deeper rooting and predictive disease control. Plus, users enjoy more efficient use of labor and healthier, more stable conditions.

  • How is UG1000 different than other monitoring systems?

    In addition to being the most advanced wireless sensor on the market, UgMO is different primarily because of its software and agronomic service subscription package. Unlike other soil monitoring devices which only focus on hardware, UgMO includes three powerful software components combined with agronomic support to collect, interpret and analyze soil conditions, and offer predictive actions.

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