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  • Is the UgMO ProHome PH100 UL listed?


  • What do I do if I am not happy with my grass conditions after UgMO is installed?

    If your grass is too dry, the moisture levels may have been set too low on your UgMO Base Station initially, or you might not have sufficient default irrigation runtimes set on you controller. Both can be adjusted. If your grass is too wet, the moisture levels may have been set too high on you UgMO Base Station, and need to be adjusted lower. To change Base Station settings, you can refer to the watering guidelines section of the installation manual or refer to the Installation Support section of this website under Support. If the problem persists, consult your certified UgMO installer for recommendations.

  • Who do I call if I suspect UgMO is not working properly?

    Contact your certified UgMO installer, or call the toll free customer service number in the installation manual. An UgMO expert will make sure to get you up and running smoothly again.

  • Is there someone I can call or a website to view for lawn care advice?

    Visit UgMO.com anytime for agronomic advice and tips for water management of lawns and landscaping.  If you have further questions, you can reach an UgMO expert via the Contact Us page.

  • What are typical savings with UgMO ProHome PH100?

    Pilot residential programs across the country have shown 30 to 50 percent water savings. It really adds up.

  • The technology sounds a little complicated. Is it hard to use, day to day?

    Not at all.  Homeowners and small business owners simply have UgMO ProHome installed – a typical six-zone system can be put in place in less than 60 minutes by a landscape or irrigation contractor, with no special tools required – and then sit back and save gallons of water, and buckets of cash.

  • Can UgMO be used in my potted plants?

    Yes, provided the potted plants are irrigated by an irrigation clock and are within range of the UgMO Base Station (100 ft).

  • How long do the batteries last in the sensors?

    Up to five years.

  • How do I locate and find a buried sensor if necessary?

    Use the triangulation measurements that were taken during the installation, and/or look for the whisker markers buried next to each sensor.

  • How deep can the sensor be installed?

    The sensor is usually buried between 1.5-3 inches deep, so the measurements come from the active root zone. Also, if it’s buried more than 4 inches deep, it can strain the wireless signal connection.

  • How does UgMO know how long the irrigation cycle is supposed to be?

    The UgMO ProHome Base Station measures the amount of time that AC power is supplied by the irrigation clock for each zone.

  • Does UgMO ProHome PH100 work anywhere?

    UgMO ProHome PH100 is specially made for residential and small commercial owners, harnessing the same advanced sensor technology used in professional golf courses across the country. The PH100 successfully reduces water use and promotes healthy plant growth on lawns and landscaped areas.

  • Will UgMO work with my existing irrigation system and clock?

    Most likely. UgMO ProHome was designed to work with the vast majority of irrigation clocks.  It does not, however, work with mechanical clocks or distributor or index valves.

  • How should my default irrigation runtimes be set up to work best with UgMO?

    UgMO can only turn off or disallow watering – it does not turn on or add watering. With that in mind, the current irrigation runtimes must be set up to keep the lawn and landscape areas hydrated during the driest circumstances. Consult your installation manual for specific watering guidelines. 

  • How does UgMO determine if and when it should allow or disallow watering, and how much?

    The not-too-technical answer is this: an algorithm – calculated at the time just before watering is requested – takes into consideration the current soil moisture percentage, compared to the user-defined moisture setting and the soil’s physical properties.

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