Intelligence Golf Course Irrigation

UgMO Knows Irrigation Control Systems

UgMO understands just how critical it is for golf course superintendents to know exactly what is going on with their turf.  UgMO Knows, the software that powers the UgMO wireless underground irrigation control systems for golf, sees what you can’t.  The web based soil monitoring system delivers real time moisture, temperature and salinity data from the plant’s root zone to turf managers. UgMO Knows makes this powerful information available right at your fingertips, enabling you to make the most informed,  best possible decisions about your turf needs. You know immediately when and where to irrigate, the frequency and duration of irrigation cycles required for flushing salts and the optimal timing of pesticide applications to achieve the healthiest turf and best playing conditions possible.

The UgMO Knows golf course irrigation control system, reporting system and robust data base enables you to use real time and historical data to create predictive models to better diagnose and control disease outbreaks, insect infestation and monitor the long and short term effects of cultural practices, such as aerification, on the root zone.

UgMO has created the most advanced soil monitoring systems available today for your precision management everyday.

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