UgMO Residential Irrigation Management Saves Home Owners

Water. Money. Time. That's what you save when you install one of UgMO's residential irrigation management sytemsYour bills will be lower – between 20-50% lower – and you can enjoy the ease of knowing, when those sprinklers go on, you are not paying for water down the drain — those zones are getting only the water they need. Residential water conservation and saving money has never been easier. And your plants will be at their healthiest because they are only receiving the water that they need. No more, no less.  

Homeowner Saves 62% on his water bill after installing UgMO.

These are the results of ONE homeowner in Palm Beach Florida. He was so stunned with the savings, he compiled his bills to compare his payments before UgMO, in blue, and after UgMO, in green. This represents a six month savings of over $1070.00 and 233,000 gallons of water! Think these savings are impossible? Click here to view the actual bills.

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