Communities Save with UgMO Irrigation Solutions

Homeowner Associations have a unique opportunity to collectively save a significant amount of water and reduce water bills. Landscaping is a large investment and one that homeowner associations want to protect. The challenge, in this economy and in communities facing severe water shortage is how to maintain an attractive, healthy landscape that adds value to your community while keeping costs within budget. UgMO offers long-term irrigation solutions that encourage efficient use of available water resources and dramatically reduces the amount of water needed to maintain the health and beauty of your community's landscape investment. 

UgMO's Water Conservation Solutions In Action

One HOA in Palm City, Florida, took the UgMO Challenge to install UgMO's water conservation solutions and see if UgMO saved more water than their 2 day-per-week watering restrictions. See for yourself! UgMO saved over 50% more water than the homes that watered 2 days-per-week. If you would like to speak with someone at UgMO about bringing this kind of savings to your community, contact us today. 

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