Savings for Education

When it comes to reducing waste of natural resources, educational institutions – from elementary schools to universities – are often leading the way with research, innovation and in the implementation of conservation programs, technology, design and curriculum. Communities in fact look to schools to be resourceful and innovative and to lead by example. Water conservation implementation in educational settings offers many benefits: water and energy are conserved across the whole facility; monetary savings; concrete support of the mission and vision of the school; and students receive "real life" education and experience with water conservation management and planning. Many of the over 3800 colleges and universities across the country have engaged in some sort of water-saving program. 

Palm Beach Atlantic University

When it comes to water savings, one Florida University has been saving BIG with UgMO!  Palm Beach Atlantic Univeristy in West Palm Beach has seen a dramatic drop in their irrigation water since installing UgMO in June, 2011. In just six months of installation, UgMO saved 50% of Palm Beach Atlantic University’s irrigation water without compromising the health and beauty of their landscaping. This translates to a 4 million gallon water savings and a monetary savings of $20,000. What makes these results incredibly impressive is the fact that 2011 was a highly unusual year in Florida -- it was among the driest years in history. Future installations are being planned across the entire PBAU campus.

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