UgMO Commercial Irrigation Management Is Good for Your Business

UgMO commercial irrigation management systems can help your bottom line. How? When you reduce your landscape irrigation use, you have reduced one of the greatest area of waste in your business. Landscapes consume 58% of urban water, and are over-watered by 30-to-300%. With UgMO, you are conserving water, energy and dollars by eliminating the water that is wasted by over-watering. You are also eliminating all the associated costs that go with over-watering: diseased landscape, fertilizer runoff, hardscape destruction. As water rates rise across the country and water reserves are depleted, why go another season without saving?

And UgMO understands that protecting the health and appearance of lush, manicured grounds adds value and street appeal to your property. Because UgMO knows exactly how much water your particular soil needs, your plants and turf get only as much water as they need – no more no less. Plants and grasses are at their healthiest with UgMO.

UgMO at WORK in Phoenix

Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, AZ

Ranked among the busiest airports in the country, The Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix occupies over 3000 acres and has 100,00 passengers using it’s runways everyday.

Like all businesses in the desert Southwest, the facilities team at the airport were concerned about the water shortage and the associated increasing costs of water. The challenge to preserve the lush greens lining the airport entrance while reducing water consumption was met by installing UgMO sensors throughout the landscaped area to keep moisture in the optimal zone without wasting water and money.

In the first 2 months at work, UgMO saved over 470,000 gallons of water!



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