UgMO Is Your Water Savings Solution

No matter what size or type of property you own or manage, regarless of where you are located, UgMO has a cost effective water savings solution to meet your needs. Customized to soil type, climate and landscape design, UgMO controls the amount of water your grass and plantings are receiving. UgMO is not dependant on weather forcasting – UgMO measures the actual moisture levels in your soil. And because UgMO knows the exact moisture level of each irrigation zone, your plants and turf are never over or under watered. Water conservation, monetary savings and maintaining healthy plants has never been more accurate or easier.  It's one of the smartest ways to save water.

Outdoor Water Savings is THE Savings Solution

Almost everyone overwaters their turf and landscaping. A study by the American Water Works Association estimates that 58% of residential water use is for landscaping, and facilities with automatic irrigation systems typically use up to 70% of their water on turf and landscaping. The University of Florida estimates that as much as 80% of water used in residential irrigation is wasted due to overwatering. As the population of the United States ages and more people migrate to warmer climates where irrigation is more prevalent, the demands on the already overburdened water supplies are reaching critical levels.

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