Wireless Sensors

UgMO Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors

Zone by Zone Irrigation Intelligence

The UG1000 uses state of the art irrigation technology to deliver cost and water savings to your property. Our moisture sensors are buried beneath the ground and transmit moisture levels and temperature back to you wirelessly.



Some of the key features of the UG1000 are:

  • Wireless soil sensors measure and report  the soil moisture level and temperature every 10 minutes.
  • Installed 2 - 4 inches below the ground's surface to effectively monitor the soil at the plant’s root zone level
  • The wireless design means no trenching during installation, ensuring minimal disruption to the landscape and allowing for proper placement of the sensor in the zone
  • Wireless range of 600+ feet from buried soil sensor to any above ground device.
  • Designed for years of consistent, uninterrupted service with a Battery life expectancy of 5 years.
  • Unique Network Address for proper identification of sensor and transmitted data
  • Operates on 400Mhz frequency band for robust and reliable communication

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