Irrigation Controller

UG1000 Network Irrigation Controller

Irrigation Control Intelligence Redefined

Key Features:

  • Designed to control 6-24 zones
  • No run-times or cycle-times to set and no complex site variables to enter. Just tell it when NOT to water and using the sensor data UgMO does the rest
  • Zones can be controlled by UgMO wireless moisture sensor data or by traditional cycle runtimes
  • Remote configuration and error reporting capabilities through the Internet
  • Supports flow sensors for leak detection alerts and water consumption management


  • Embedded Linux processor provides smart device intelligence and flexibility
  • With it's digital interface and patented UgMO adaptive watering algorithm, the UG1000 breaks the traditional watering schedule paradigm
  • Automated soil-type identification feature to set soil moisture target zones
  • Rain and Auxiliary sensor terminals available
  • Complete software upgradeability to incorporate future features 
  • Install wizard guides installation for ease of installation and quick set-up
  • Error reporting identifies solenoid, sensor and battery failures. Non-Volatile program memory protects program settings during power outages
  • Intelligent double and triple cycle and soak modes to reduce run-off
  • Automatic and manual sensor pairing. Outdoor cover opens vertically for easy installation and access in tight locations

User Interface Features

  • Digital interface provides complete control of UG1000 irrigation control system and all device
  • Multi-level password protection so only authorized users can change settings.
  • Automated set-up wizard provides easy installation and programming
  • Displays all system metrics including last and next watering date, time and duration

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