UgMO Knows

UG1000 UgMO Knows - Smarter Irrigation

Remote Intelligence

The most advanced analytical software package - UgMO Knows. Capable of organizing and analyzing the massive amount of data provided by hundreds of sensors, UgMO’s advanced irrigation technology turns raw data into useful operating metrics. Whether managing the playability of a golf course or keeping track of irrigation water savings at a customer’s location, UgMO Knows brings irrigation control to your desktop.

Key Features

  • Remote configuration of the system and irrigation controller over the internet
  • The main screen incorporates Google map technology to provide the user with a real time view of the current condition of the property and configuration of hardware
  • Intutive program functionality allows user to make adjustments to system configuration and settings with ease
  • Data graphing capabilities for quick analysis of current conditions
  • Historical data capture for trending analysis and better resource management
  • Alert system to support:
    • Implementation and management of optimal soil conditions for plant health
    • Warnings of hardware or system communication failures
    • System structural failures – leak detection
    • Availability of software and firmware upgrades

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