Base Station

PH100 Base Station for Soil Moisture Measurement System

UgMO’s Smart Irrigation Controller Is The Brains Of The Operation

  • Easily wires into new or existing irrigation system clocks
  • Becomes the system’s “brain center” by receiving real-time wireless data from the buried soil moisture measurement sensors
  • Turns off watering for each zone when optimal soil moisture levels are reached
  • One base station controls up to six zones
  • Multiple Base Stations can easily be connected for additional zones

Smart Irrigation Controller Base Station Display

Main Screen:

  • The main screen shows if zone moisture levels are in the UgMO Zone or not.

Moisture Settings

  • Each zone can be set to an individual moisture level to stay in the UgMO Zone
  • 9 moisture level settings available to address the unique characteristics of all soil types.

Ease of Integration

  • Base Station easily interfaces into irrigation clock
  • Wiring harness makes even complex wiring connections quick and easy.
  • A typical system can be installed by a Certified UgMO Installer in under 60 minutes.

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