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The PH100 Water Management System

A Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor System Years Ahead Of It’s Time

The UgMO PH100 Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor System is a cost effective water conservation solution for smaller properties with 6 zones or less.  The UgMO PH100 Base Station can be wired to any common irrigation controller, taking over the controller and acting as the brains of the system.  Small, wireless soil moisture sensors, buried 1-4" below the surface, transmit moisture data to the base station.  The base station only allows watering in the zones that need it.  Data is measured in real time, every ten minutes.

Key Features Include:

  • Real time data measurement
  • Perfect for smaller properties with 6 zones or less
  • Base station can be wired to any irrigation controller
  • Moisture data transmitted wirelessly

Proven Water Savings

The UgMO PH100 was extensively field-tested in residential locations across the United States, including drought-prone areas like Bentwater, Texas; Greensboro, Ga.; and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. The water and cost savings were substantial.

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