How It Works

How the PH100 Works

It turns the water off when the soil is wet

UgMO’s patent-protected smart soil sensors are placed underground in each sprinkler zone, to measure soil moisture and temperature at the root level – the most important point for the plant – in real time, up to six times an hour, 24 hours a day.

These soil moisture sensors wirelessly transmit data (up to 600 feet) to an UgMO PH100 base station that interfaces with the existing irrigation clock.

Acting as the “brains” of the irrigation control system, the base station determines when your grass and/or plantings have reached their optimum moisture level on a zone-by- zone basis. UgMO only allows the watering the plants need - reducing waste.

There’s never been a better time to try the UgMO PH100.

UgMO PH100 harnesses the same advanced moisture sensor technology used in professional golf courses and sports stadiums to add precise moisture intelligence to existing residential and small commercial irrigation systems to turn the water off automatically when the soil is wet.

Proven Water Savings

The UgMO PH100 was extensively field-tested in residential locations across the United States, including drought-prone areas like Bentwater, Texas; Greensboro, Ga.; and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. The water and cost savings were substantial.

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