Do you know how serious our country's water crisis is?

Soil Water Conservation Education

At UgMO, we have spent a long time learning about and understanding our nation's water supply and demand problem. We invite you to explore this water conservation education portion of our website, and in particular this section, so that you too can be an educated water consumer who makes water-wise choices.

Most regions of the country have experienced water shortages that have resulted in one or all of the following: water rate increases, mandatory watering restrictions, incentives to remove lawn and landscaping and new green building codes. According to the EPA, by 2013, as many as 36 states are anticipating local, regional, or statewide water shortages, even under non-drought conditions. 

Making matters worse is that supply and demand are far off balance: While our water supply decreases, demand for water is increasing at an unsustainable rate. Research shows that water use in the United States is increasing every year. And as the population of the United States ages and more people migrate to warmer and arid climates where irrigation is more prevalent, the demands on the already overburdened water supplies are reaching a breaking point. 

Take a look at this sustainability map. Clearly, our current level of water use is unsustainable. 

For more information on specific states and to get an in depth view of what experts are saying about our water situation, go to our Water News section.