Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will UgMO work with my existing irrigation system?
A UgMO was designed to work with the vast majority of irrigation systems. It does not, however, work system where it will be replacing a battery operated   clock with index valves.

Q How is the UG1000 different from other smart controllers on the market?
A The UG1000 uses real time moisture data from the soil root zone to decide when to and how much to water. Other controllers use a formula based on  weather conditions, historical data and soil and plant type to make a best guess of what the water needs are. 

Q What are the typical savings with UgMO?
A Typically, users cut their water consumption by between 20-80% depending on the location. In subtropical regions like the Southeast, it is common for customers to experience 50-80% savings. In more arid environments, like the Southwest, customers are seeing 20-60% reductions in water use.

Q What other benefits can UgMO customers expect?
A In addition to water and money savings, the agronomic benefits include uniform irrigation, deeper rooting and predictive modeling for disease and insect control. Customers are also able to better manage labor and other resources.

Q How deep can the sensors be buried?
A The sensor is usually buried between two and four inches deep, so the soil measurements are made in the active root zone. Versions of sensors can be buried much deeper for different plant material and other applications.

Q How do I location a buried sensor, if necessary?
A Each buried sensor is GPS pinned and triangulated measurements are taken from fixed locations. Pictures of locations are often taken as well during installation. A metal detector can pick up sensors readily as well.

Q How long do the batteries last in a sensor?
A Battery life expectancy is 7-10 years.

Q How is UG1000 different than other monitoring systems?
A In addition to being the most advanced wireless sensor on the market, UgMO is different primarily because of its software and agronomic service package. Unlike other soil monitoring devices which only focus on hardware, UgMO includes three powerful software components combined with agronomic support to collect, interpret and analyze soil conditions, and offer predictive actions.