The UG1000 Soil Moisture Sensor System

Redefining Smart Irrigation - How it works

The UgMO UG1000 System, powered by Senlink, becomes your outdoor water manager by controlling the irrigation system and monitoring soil moisture. Utilizing real time soil moisture sensor data on a zone-by-zone basis, UgMO always applies the optimal amount of water – no more, no less. Typically achieving irrigation water savings of 30-50%, the UG1000 System redefines smart irrigation management.

With the power and flexibility of the new SenLink™ wireless-sensor-network technology, the UG1000 is designed for non-disruptive installation and ease of use.  Wireless Sensors are buried in the active root zone completely below ground to measure soil moisture levels at the roots of the plant in real-time, up to six times an hour, 24 hours a day. The sensor data is then wirelessly transmitted to the UgMO Irrigation Controller.



SenLink is the first wireless sensor network technology specifically designed to gather data from buried outdoor sensors to control and monitor commercial and residential irrigation systems.

The SenLink dual frequency network topology delivers unparalleled performance both above and below ground to address the unique challenges of an outdoor sensor network. Whether installed in a small home, corporate campus or championship golf course, SenLink easily expands to meet the irrigation management needs of any site.

Designed for ease of use, SenLink does not require any knowledge of networking or IT support. SenLink easily connects to UgMO Technology servers via GSM cell modems in parent devices.