The UG1000 Soil Moisture Sensor System

The New Standard for Lawn Irrigation Intelligence

The fully customizable UgMO UG1000 Soil Moisture Sensor System is comprised of patent-protected hardware and software. This groundbreaking irrigation control system is designed so that you no longer have to set any run-times or cycle-times. Simply tell the UG1000 when watering is allowed to take place, and it will water as needed based upon the soil moisture data it receives every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. Water Savings with the UgMO System will save you between 30%-80%.

Key Benefits  

  • 30-80% reduction in water use ¥ Healthier lawns and landscape
  • Less run-off and soil nutrient depletion due to flushing
  • Remote monitoring and control of the system
  • Comprehensive analytical web-based software application
  • Reporting and Alert capabilities
  • Fully upgradeable and expandable
  • Non-disruptive installation with no trenching, no buried wires
  • Automatic zone-by-zone soil type and field capacity identification