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Data Driven Agriculture

Rising input costs including land, water, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and power is adding a complex set of problems for farmers everywhere.

  • USDA fertilizer price index increase from 108 in 2002 to 326 in 2012
  • Cost of supplemental water in California over $300 per acre foot in many areas
  • Constant threat of catastrophic crop loss due to climate change, drought and disease/pests
  • Climate change creates challenges for traditional farming methods and predictive tools
  • U.S. average of $27B per year in crop damage due to disease, weeds and pests
  • Growing water supply, management and quality issues Chronic over-irrigation Increases costs, harms soil health (rising salinity), impacts crop yield and accelerates ground-water pollution
  • Inefficient irrigation methods and aging systems waste 30-70% of applied water
  • Increasing regulation to control agricultural pollution in rivers, lakes and groundwater
  • Probability of government imposed limits on nitrate application in California and other high pollution areas

UgMO's ability to provides real-time soil moisture, temperature and other information to monitor crop condition and improve irrigation management enables farmers to substantially increase crop yield, lower production costs, manage crop risks and comply with environmental regulations through a real-time information service powered by comprehensive field data and community-supported analytics.