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UgMO's Irrigation Technology Helps You Conserve Water & Save Money

Our goal here at UgMO is simple: We've set out to build the best technology for irrigation water conservation. The UgMO Irrigation Management System eliminates the millions of gallons of irrigation water that are wasted every year. And when you eliminate waste, you save money.

We live in a country where we enjoy an abundance of natural resources. Water has been one of them. But we now know that water is not as plentiful as it once was, that one-third of our country is in danger of being in a severe water shortage by 2013, that portions of many states are in an extreme drought and towns and counties are trying to manage their water scarcity problems by mandating landscape water reductions. The need to conserve and preserve water is now. 

Outdoor watering accounts for the majority -- anywhere from 58-70% -- of water use in both households and residences.  While plenty of attention has gone to saving water indoors, at UgMO we know that the time has come to really focus on saving water where most of it is wasted: Outside.  Together, with our clients, we are reducing water use and increasing savings, one sprinkler system at a time.

UgMO is the pioneer in rootzone monitoring and irrigation management. Its unique blend of patented sensor technology, underground wireless communication, advanced web applications and agronomy expertise offers state-of-the-art water conservation products to irrigation contractors, golf course superintendents, sport turf managers, landscapers, farmers, professional property managers and environmental stewards. UgMO saves you water, resources and money.



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